Radiotracer Screening with


To facilitate amyloid PET radiotracers development, a screening methodology, using biomathematical model and clinical usefulness index (CUI) was proposed to evaluate radiotracer’s diagnostic capability. Physicochemical and pharmacological input parameters are mostly in-silico data, which can be derived using commercial software. Only one input parameter needs to be measured – dissociation constant, KD. By using mostly in-silico data, the number of in-vitro experiments required to determine the possible in-vivo kinetics of the tracers is greatly reduced. The use of biomathematical model allows for the consideration of the impact of both physicochemical and pharmacology parameters on in-vivo kinetics of the radiotracers. Population variations considers possible differences in binding performance in-vivo. CUI allows for more objective comparison of radiotracers by using a combination of the area under receiver operating characteristics (ROC), effect size and SUVR ratios.


A program written in Matlab based on the proposed screening methodology is available and is easy to use.


Software (Matlab-based):

Manual: RSwCUI_Manual_21Sept2016docx.pdf


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